Lean-to-style conservatories are among the most popular and best conservatory roof replacements in the United Kingdom. Because of their versatility, these conservatories can be added to almost any house or property. The profile of their roofs ranges from low to high pitches, so they can even be added onto a house or property with a dormer-style roof.

Additionally, conservatory roofs can be specified in almost any size, from the relatively small (3m x 3m) to a large glazed extension throughout your property. These can be connected to the original property via one or several entrance points to create a large open plan living area and can function as a dining room, extended living space, work area or anything else you desire.


You’ll know why they’re so popular if you already have a private space built out of your home’s roof. But if you don’t have a conservatory-type canopy installed yet, is it possible to replace your current roofing with one for a fresher, more modern update? Of course, you can! Let us closely observe the three available options to choose the best one for your house and budget!

Understanding the Best Conservatory Roof Replacements

Homeowners can opt from three types when desiring a roof replacement:

  • Glass
  • Polycarbonate
  • Tiled or Solid

Each one has its benefits for the homeowner, which you choose will depend on the expectations for your revamped conservatory. Before deciding how it will fit your property’s design and what you intend to use the conservatory for after work is complete. Here’s more information about each type of roof to make a better decision.

Best Conservatory Roof Replacement #1: Glass

Many people now choose glass conservatory roofs instead of polycarbonate because of their solid construction, durability (lasting a little over ten years), and ease of maintenance. 

Modern glass conservatory roofs can incorporate various features to improve their performance. They include solar control glass, which regulates temperature to create a comfortable year-round living space, and self-cleaning glass, which reduces maintenance levels. The double glazing used in modern conservatories is also filled with argon gas to make them more energy-efficient.

Best Conservatory Roof Replacement #2: Polycarbonate

In the past, polycarbonate conservatories were the most popular type of conservatory roof. This option was considered very cost-effective and required very little maintenance. 

However, their drawbacks begin with their lifespan — the average amounted to around ten years, which is less than that of other materials. Additionally, polycarbonate conservatories do not usually provide users with the required thermal performance to stay warm or cool. This roofing option can also be noisy in multiple ways and can sometimes develop leaks as they age.

Best Conservatory Roof Replacement #3: Tiled or Solid

When you want to make the most of the space in your conservatory, it is worth considering a tiled conservatory roof. A tiled roof will ensure that the area has the same external appearance and thermal performance as the original property.

Generally, an existing conservatory should have tiles for a uniform aesthetic to match the existing property. They provide a robust and waterproof roof that will last years longer than a traditional one (up to 50 years). Tiled conservatories are the more expensive option in the short term but work out to be more cost efficient in the long term, so you must ensure that the current structure can support the new roof’s extra weight, which installers must check when they quote.

Find the Best Conservatory Roof Replacement at Southside Better Roofs

Whether glass, polycarbonate, solid, or tiled, conservatory roofs are beneficial to your home’s function and aesthetic. Be sure to choose one from a legitimate provider for expert advice and the right installation team for the job!

Change your house’s roof to some of the best conservatory roof replacements at Southside Better Roofs! We provide and install our Guardian warm conservatory roofs for all our customers! That’s not all — all our products come with a 10-year-insurance-backed guarantee! Contact us for more information now!

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