Many homes in the UK either have or benefit from the extra space. Some people prefer a more solid structure with less glazing, and innovative roofing systems can now provide an extremely bespoke solution. 

With a conservatory roof in Plymouth, you can now choose between glazed, tiled, or a customised ‘best of both worlds’ blend of tiled and glazed roofs.

Conservatories come in different shapes and sizes, for example. Edwardian, Victorian, Lean-To, P-Shaped, Gable, and you’ll almost certainly locate one that meets your needs. If they don’t, don’t be discouraged; you can always have a bespoke design designed to make it blend in flawlessly.

Here are some of the best benefits of this revolutionary roofing system:

Added Value 

These beautiful and practical roofs will boost the value of your home while also shortening the time it takes to sell it. In practical applications, tiled roofs are quickly becoming the must-have look, as they help boost the profile of your home. Prospective buyers are frequently pleased with this type of house addition since it provides them with a beautiful and functional addition.

Better Acoustics

Tiled roofs create a cosy enclosed room that improves thermal efficiency and acoustics. Plymouth Conservatory roof delivers a quieter, calmer environment for the whole family to enjoy.

Brighter Space

With integrated glazing, you can still enjoy a lighter, brighter space with this roofing system. Beautiful interior vaulted ceilings create a unique ambiance.

You can combine components from many conservatory styles into a single design. Take all of your favourite elements and put them together.

Excellent Thermal Efficiency 

The extra layers of insulation that come with a tiled roof ensure that you may use your extra space all year round. Compared to a polycarbonate or fully glazed roof, you will notice a reduction in fuel bills when trying to heat an insulated conservatory roof. This also offers a cooler, more protected option in extremely hot, sunny conditions.

Improved Aesthetics

A tiled roof will improve the appearance of your home and make your conservatory feel more integrated. You can choose from various colours and glazing options to achieve your look.

Is A Conservatory Roof Conversion Worth It? 

Throughout the design process, you can collaborate with the team of designers and share your ideas and wants. They’ll take everything into account and use it to create something unique to you.

The position of your conservatory will dictate when it seems brightest and warmest during the day. Decide when you’ll use it and let the designers know ahead of time, though it’s worth noting that it’ll work flawlessly 24/7.

Moreover, you can select the type of glass, roof, and colour finish and whether or not you want any other amenities like air vents, French doors, bi-folding doors, or Patio doors.


Many solid conservatory roof alternatives on the market include removing your present roofing frame before installing a new roof made of various heavy materials. These roofs are easy to install, completely weatherproof, and come with a ten-year warranty, though they will last much longer! Bespoke conservatory roofs may be tailored to fit your home properly, making your space feel more stylish, airy, and bright. 

At Southside Better Roofs in Plymouth, Devon, we aim to deliver guardian warm conservatory roofs that exceed our customers’ expectations. If you need a bespoke conservatory roof in Plymouth, reach out to us today. 

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