Solid roof conservatories provide UK homeowners with a different “in-between” option to the more popular options of a double-glazed conservatory or orangery, or even a full-blown brick-built expansion with a flat or pitched roof. As the foundations needed to conform with current building regulations and b) be deep enough to support the weight of the tiled and insulated solid roof, solid roof conservatories are more expensive than most glass conservatories.

As solid conservatory roof systems are designed and engineered to be lightweight, they may also be utilised to renovate an existing conservatory in addition to being used to build new tiled roof conservatories.

Many homeowners are choosing to do this to convert ancient conservatories that are too chilly in the winter and too hot in the summer into rooms they can use all year round. This is commonly referred to as a “retrofit” by people in the industry.

If you want a brand-new conservatory with a solid roof there are plenty of conservatory installers around and we take price in being the best.

There are many various tile possibilities for a modern insulated solid roof, but it seems that a thin, rustic-looking coated aluminum roof tile and a somewhat more expensive, thicker UPVC tile that more closely resembles roof slates are the two that are most in demand.

The interior of these conservatory solid roofs does allow for various types of lighting, which can be installed virtually everywhere. Recessed LED downlights are the most popular choice because they are the most aesthetically pleasing and take up the least amount of room.

If certain requirements are completed, building regulations won’t apply to a conservatory but will if you wish to add an expansion to your house. Your conservatory must be physically isolated from the main house with external-quality walls and/or windows and doors that adhere to building regulations in order to be considered a conservatory rather than an expansion. Also, it must have a separate heating system with temperature and on/off controls from the main house’s heating system.

If these precautions are not taken, the conservatory is considered an addition and is subject to different Building Rules. Even if your conservatory is constructed in accordance with these requirements, all electrical work, doors, windows, and glazing, as well as any glazing, must adhere to specific Building Regulations.

It is crucial that the supporting double or triple-glazed windows and doors of your new solid roof structure are sufficiently strong and, where necessary, properly reinforced to be able to support the weight of the solid aluminium roof system, along with the weight of all the roof tiles, lighting, plaster boarding, insulation, and any double glazed Velux windows.

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