A conservatory with a “warm roof” features an insulated tiled roof constructed of composite tiles rather than slate. Warm roofs are designed to appear and feel like a ‘real roof’ and allow your conservatory to become more like an extension. Your conservatory can look like it has always been there by blending in with your home and having a solid or warm roof.

You have probably heard of warm roofs if you are considering building a new conservatory or replacing the roof on your current conservatory. These roofs are strong and energy-efficient, and because they are made to weigh no more than a glazed roof, they can be safely installed on the majority of conservatories while still replicating the look and feel of a traditional timber-framed building.

So, what is a warm roof conservatory and why should you consider installing one?

What is a Warm Roof Conservatory?

A warm roof conservatory is one that has a sturdy, long-lasting, and well-insulated roof. Because of its design, it’s one of the greatest roofing solutions available. A warm roof controls temperatures and offers a completely usable living space that can be utilised all year round, in contrast to polycarbonate or glazed conservatory roofs (which are constantly too hot or too cold!). Warm roofs are sturdy, but after replacement, you don’t lose any natural light.

Warm roofs offer a full variety of benefits compared with a standard glazed conservatory roof. A warm roof conservatory will be affordable to heat and comfortable to live in all year round as opposed to being scorching hot in the summer and bitterly cold in the winter.

If you experience issues with moisture and mould in your conservatory, a warm roof is another option to think about. Because many classic glazed conservatory roofs are poorly ventilated, moisture can build up, resulting in the growth of moulds and discolouration.

Is it Worth It?

This type of roof construction is where an additional layer of insulation is put above the rafters and directly below the waterproof membrane. This method of breathable roof construction allows moisture to escape while still preventing dampness and the potential for rotting. This permeable technique is excellent for retaining heat inside your building without the need for ventilation.

Your conservatory’s energy efficiency is significantly improved by this unnoticed layer of insulation. Warmroofs provid homeowners with a gorgeous area that can be used year-round at a temperature that is pleasant no matter the weather, these roofs provide incredible savings on heating bills.  Many replacement conservatory roofs, whether glazed or solid, are built to be impermeable.

Simply said, the roofs’ construction materials and techniques prevent moisture from evaporating through them. This has caused many homeowners to encounter patches of dampness and mould on their walls and ceilings. It can also be a serious trigger for damp spots on replacement conservatory roofs. Because of the accumulation of moisture inside the building, it has occasionally even been seen that parts of conservatories themselves decay. This issue is resolved by breathable warm roof designs, which helps save potentially expensive future repairs.

Warm roofs are a great alternative for conservatory roof replacement projects as well as for building a conservatory from scratch. Better Roof UK is the industry leader in warm roof conservatory replacement in Plymouth if you’re considering replacing your conservatory roof.

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