What are the benefits of Durasid Cladding?

Durasid is the right cladding for your next project. Durasid has numerous uses and can be applied to both new construction and renovation projects. The robust foam core and durable top coat make it a fantastic choice for any external cladding job. Durasid has rapidly gained popularity as a material for exterior wall coverings. It is a special product that combines the durability and low maintenance requirements of plastic with the natural beauty and appeal of wood to provide the best of both worlds.

Durasid is the ideal decorative cladding for house facades, gables, bay windows, dormers, garden sheds, pool houses, and more thanks to its many commercial and residential applications.

The rigid foam core of the Durasid cladding profiles is covered in a very hard, co-extruded top coat. The best qualities of all the other cladding alternatives are then combined into a gorgeous wood grain structure that is put to the outer layer.

Although Durasid cladding has the beauty and allure of real wood, it is almost as easy to maintain as plastic. This has made it possible for it to quickly become recognised as a creative and top-notch replacement for other outside wall covering materials.

For side faces, gables, bay windows, dormers, garden buildings, pool houses, and other constructions, Durasid is the ideal decorative cladding. Applications for Durasid are numerous and include both new construction and renovation projects.

The robust foam core of the Durasid cladding profiles is coated with a tough, co-extruded top layer. Thus that Durasid combines the best of all previous facades, and a gorgeous wood grain texture is added inside the top coat.

Durasid has swiftly established itself as a stylish and viable alternative to other exterior wall coverings manufactured from widely available materials. It combines the allure and attractiveness of natural wood with the simplicity of plastic.

Unlike any wooden exterior cladding or a facade made of another material, which frequently tends to look weathered and lose its charm over time, DuraSid maintains its initial aesthetic aspect and appeal for much longer.

The Durasid rigid foam PVC cladding is a component of an entire system that comprises all fixtures and add-ons for a quick, expert installation that incorporates a particularly lovely finish. As an illustration, we have created several useful profiles in plastic and lacquered aluminium that guarantee a stunning appearance, a sturdy structure, as well as properly completed corner sections and couplings.

The clever idea also makes sure that the cladding is always properly aired, which prevents the underlying wall structure from getting damp.

Both professionals and DIY enthusiasts will find the Durasid cladding and finish system to have a number of major benefits in terms of ease of installation, results that are guaranteed, and time savings.