Any house would benefit from the addition of a conservatory roof. It allows you to make better use of your space, but it also provides you with excellent views of the sky from the comfort of your own home.

Guardian conservatory roofs are made in the United Kingdom and come in various contemporary and classic styles. Guardian roof conservatories are made from only the best materials and come with a lifetime warranty.

Guardian roof conservatories come in a wide range of roof styles, allowing every homeowner to find one that suits their needs. These unique designs serve more than simply aesthetic goals; they also give a variety of advantages to their owners.

What Are the 6 Roof Types? 

The Guardian Roof is not a one-size-fits-all product. Guardian’s insulated conservatory roofs are all constructed to the same stringent standards, yet they are a versatile product.

Each of the six Guardian roof conservatory models have personality and flair. Here’s a short breakdown of the several options you have:


A double-hipped conservatory roof is suitable if a lean-to form does not work on your home. This form feels lengthy while also adding height to your conservatory area, making it a smart space-saving option.


Traditional Edwardian tiled roofs are meant to make your conservatory appear larger. Space is maximised with a taller ceiling, flat-fronted and rises to an apex.


This roof type can give your conservatory façade height and eye-catching decoration; gables make the most of your conservatory roof windows.


A lean-to conservatory is ideal for the room or home additions and is very straightforward to integrate into existing designs. A lean-to, which slants slightly on one side, might maximise space for a kitchen or living room addition.

T and P Shaped 

These are special-shaped conservatories, and they generally resemble a T or P figure when viewed from above. Guardian roofs are available in various bespoke forms, so if one of the others doesn’t suit your conservatory, don’t worry.


Another historic roof design with a contemporary vibe, as the name says. To maximise light, Victorian roofs include a bay and multiple window orientations. You get to decide where your doors go.

What Are the Benefits of Guardian Roof Conservatory? 

You can enjoy the perks of building an outside area without drawbacks with a Guardian roof conservatory. You won’t have to waste money and time on yard maintenance because you can do it from the comfort of your conservatory!

Guardian conservatories are created with the highest quality materials and expert artisans to ensure that they last a lifetime.

They retain heat during the winter and deflect heat away during the summer since they are entirely insulated.

Guardian roofs are made of tongue and groove boards rather than interlocking slats, which gives them a more consistent and attractive appearance than other conservatory roofs.

They come with a 10-year guarantee that includes extensive storm damage coverage, so you won’t have to be concerned about the weather damaging your new conservatory for the next decade or so.

Guardian conservatories are equipped with an air vent system that maintains a consistent temperature inside, keeping you comfortable all year.


Guardian roof conservatories offer high insulation levels, secure design and installation, higher headroom, minimal maintenance, added security, increased light levels, extra space for storage or hobbies, solar energy generation, improved house value, and superior thermal protection. So, is it worthwhile to have a conservatory roof upgrade? Definitely, yes! 

At Southside Better Roofs in Plymouth, Devon, we aim to deliver guardian warm conservatory roofs that surpass our clients’ expectations. A Guardian conservatory roof can be installed in Plymouth, Devon, and Cornwall. All conservatory roofs are backed by a ten-year insurance guarantee.

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