The conservatory is a popular and versatile home addition that may be built in numerous styles and sizes. In 2008, laws changed so you may build a conservatory without planning clearance. However, as with converting a garage, you must alert your local council and follow construction rules to ensure the conservatory fulfils the standards.

When converting a garage into a conservatory, you must consider many things to ensure that the conversion is done right, up to code, and meets your family’s needs. This article will look into the basics of converting a garage into a conservatory roof to guide you.

Things to Consider before Your Garage Conversion

Adding living space and resale value to your home may be as simple as converting your garage into a new room. However, there are a few things you should think about before you start drawing up blueprints and choosing a constructor.

  • Usage: How do you plan to use your conservatory roof? Are you looking to build a home office, extra bedroom, extended living room, or secondary kitchen? Knowing what you want to achieve during the design process increases your chances of creating a space that truly meets your needs.
  • Construction and Design Cost: Before you begin your conversion project, meticulously identify the cost for design, construction, and even furnishing your conservatory roof. For starters, consider the condition of your garage if you need to renovate it extensively, especially if there is severe deterioration. Next, compare these expenses to the perceived value it will bring to your house.
  • Planning Approval: In most circumstances, a garage conversion will be deemed a “permitted development,” but you should double-check before proceeding with your project. If you transform your garage into a commercial space, if the modification exceeds authorised development rights, or if your council regulates parking, you will need planning clearance.
  • Building Regulations Permit: Throughout your project, you’ll require approval and authorisation, with an inspector inspecting your garage’s construction, damp-proof course, energy efficiency, and wiring.

Tips for Turning your Garage into a Conservatory

Many people find that they don’t use their garage enough or that it’s just a place to store everything from unwanted gifts to broken white goods. Upgrading your garage is a good way to get the most out of your house. So, what could you do if you turned your garage into a room? Here are some ideas to get you inspired:

  • Great Room or Family Room: Another option for a large garage is to turn it into a great room or family room. This would be a great place for your family to gather and spend time together. You could add a couch, chairs, a coffee table, and a TV.
  • Secondary Kitchen with Breakfast Nook: If you love to cook, you could turn your garage into a secondary kitchen with a breakfast nook, giving you extra space for preparing meals or entertaining guests. You could add a stove, a sink, and some counter space.
  • Guest Room: If you have guests often, you could turn your garage into a guest room. This would be a terrific space for them to sleep and have privacy. You could add a bed, a dresser, and a nightstand.
  • Playroom: If you have children or grandkids, you could turn your garage into a playroom. This would be the perfect spot for them to play and have fun. You could add toys, games, and a playmat.
  • Home Office: If you work from home, you could turn your garage into a home office so you can focus on your work and be productive. You could add a desk, a chair, and a computer.


If you’re looking to add some extra living space to your home without going through the hassle and expense of a traditional home expansion, consider converting your garage into a conservatory roof. With a few simple modifications, you can turn your garage into a beautiful and functional living space that the whole family can enjoy. Just be sure to work with a reputable contractor to ensure the job is done correctly.

If you need services for your conservatory roof in Plymouth, Southside Better Roofs is here for you. We provide our clients with top-of-the-line, protected, warm conservatory roofs that exceed their expectations. If you’re from Plymouth, Devon, or Cornwall, you can rely on us for conservatory roof installation. Contact us today!

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