The right cladding can make a huge difference to the look and exterior protection of a home or office building. For a long time, wood has been a preferred choice for its natural material and beauty. However, durability issues do let it down. Those that turn to Durasid Cladding in Plymouth instead soon find out why this is the more desirable choice. Here are 5 important reasons to choose Durasid over wood.

5 Benefits of Durasid Cladding Over Old Wooden Cladding.

1) Durasid is a highly durable alternative to wooden cladding.

Wood is beautiful and sustainable, and it is easy to see why so many people want that for their homes. However, there is an increased chance of having to fix or even replace wooden cladding due to structural defects and weaknesses.

Durasid cladding is different because of the hard foam PVC. This tough material will hold up to years of tough weather conditions and the length renovation process. There is also significant impact resistance, just in case something ever strikes the side of the building. When used properly via an expert Durasid installation team, there should be nothing to worry about.

2) Durasid is easy to install for an efficient and stress-free process.

On the subject of installation, there is really nothing to worry about when searching for Durasid cladding near me and finding the best installation team. They are a breeze for any experienced company because of their light weight and the simple tongue and groove joints. Wood can be much heavier and prone to splintering. The knock-on effect for homeowners and business owners is a high-end finish in a shorter space of time. The whole thing is hassle-free, and the exterior will be finished in no time.

3) Durasid is much easier to clean and maintain.

Maintenance is a concern when dealing with cladding, especially wooden cladding, which can develop issues with mold, moss, and fungi. This can be difficult to keep on top of, leading to some problems with the structural integrity over time. That isn’t the case with the strong PVC surface of this cladding. There isn’t the same risk from moisture and environmental conditions. At its worst, you may simply need to wipe it down with a little detergent if it picks up grime and dust in the summer.

4) Durasid comes in different forms and colors to suit your home.

While there is the option to paint and treat wooden cladding to a point, you will find a lot more options with Durasid. The Durasid Original line had a wide range of tones to suit residential and commercial properties. The darker tones add some drama compared to the clean white, but there are also some nice natural hues to soften the look.

From there, buyers looking for Durasid cladding in Plymouth also have the option of choosing the style of paneling to fit the vision for the house. There are 167mm horizontal and vertical sidings, as well as the stylish shiplap option.

5) Durasid Foresta exterior cladding can still look like wood if you need it to.

Finally, there are the aesthetics involved in all of this. It is possible to get effective Durasid cladding with a strong plastic and foam core that still looks like wooden cladding. There is an embossed effect on the white original product. However, The Foresta range provides some great enhanced wood-grain effects on the top coating via digital printing that trick the eye.

Furthermore, the durability of this top coat means that it will look better for longer. Real wood cladding can weather and age fairly quickly, but that isn’t a concern when dealing with Durasid. Therefore, there is a greater curbside appeal for longer. This is worth considering when renovating a home with the option to sell in a few years.

Durasid Cladding Is The Way Forward.

Wooden cladding is beautiful but too problematic and high-maintenance to be worth the effort. Switching to Durasid Cladding in Plymouth makes a lot of sense, and it is so easy to find expert installers of Durasid Cladding near me. You will find it is a more durable, highly attractive, and stress-free alternative that makes a big difference to your home.

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