Introduction of Adding Slate Conservatory Roofs:

You can’t complete a sturdy home without a high-quality roof. It shields you from the elements and cools you in the summer, and warms your home during the winter. A well-maintained roof can improve your home’s energy efficiency and increase its resale value. 

Installing a slate roof for your conservatory space can boost your property value and efficiency. Slate roofs are one of the most prominent roof options because they are environmentally friendly, durable, low maintenance, and ensure high insulation levels for your conservatory. 

Whether you want to revamp your old space or build a new conservatory in your home, here are five tips to refine a slate roof for your area and upgrade your conservatory room.

  1. Use New Colors and Hard-Wearing Fabrics

Whether you’re renovating your old conservatory or installing a new room in your home, you must pick the right roof for your new space. While a traditional glass roof is a popular choice, slate conservatory roofs are worthy investments. They are durable and stylish materials that give your conservatory a refined look. 

Darker- coloured slate roofs can help cool your conservatory in the summer. You could also invest in the latest lighting fixtures to make your conservatory more useful when night falls. 

  1. Replace It With a More Durable Roof for Better Energy Efficiency

One of the homeowner’s most stressful responsibilities is paying high electric bills. It can burden your budget. Fortunately, replacing your conservatory roof with a more durable material can ensure better energy efficiency. 

You can also get new doors that seamlessly open to your garden, buy glazing to give you more privacy, or add another decoration layer.  

  1. Combine Slate and Concrete for Your Conservatory’s Roof

While slate is a natural and durable material, combining it with concrete makes it a solid, more durable roof for your conservatory. Besides better insulation, concrete and slate can also improve sound insulation to help you enjoy your time peacefully. 

You can add skylights and roof lanterns to create a new home centerpiece. At the same time, tiled roofs are another excellent roofing option for a traditional addition to your conservatory’s style. They are also durable and can cool your space during summer. 

Solid roofings work best if you’re working from home to improve sound insulation. And doors with obscure glazing can ensure more privacy.

  1. Add New Decor And Lighting

Adding new decorations and lighting can also help restyle and brighten your conservatory to reflect your personality. Leather furniture can quickly wear down and stain with the conservatory’s light.

Furniture with hard-wearing fabrics in its design can prevent developing sunspots and reduce wear and tear. Hardwood tables and desks work best for a new home office or dining area. 

Switching faded carpet flooring with new timber laminate designs protects the floor from fading and prevents dirt collection. New sliding and bi-fold doors with in-line sliders can dramatically affect your conservatory’s style by giving more room and more effortless opening to your garden while improving insulation. 

Installing new lighting systems can help brighten your conservatory when it gets dark. From traditional to modern designs, you have several options to choose from to brighten your living space. You can determine what lighting you’ll need with how your room faces the sun. 

  1. Design Your Conservatory Around the Garden

Lastly, you can also design your conservatory space around your garden. Sliding and bi-fold doors can seamlessly open your space to nature. Their complete glazing sections allow you to see the outside in vibrant colours, and low threshold options can make it more accessible.   

You can even transform it into a dining room for dinner under the stars. Hardwood chairs and tables are the perfect centrepieces, while timber laminate flooring blends in and is easier to clean. Skylights and roof lanterns can let you go stargazing at every bite.

Installing a Better Roof

A well-maintained slate roof for your conservatory can help ensure more energy-efficient insulation and keep you comfortable in extreme weather. You can also enjoy a higher home resale value. 

Do you want to install a slate conservatory roof in your Plymouth home? We got you covered! At Southside Better Roofs, we aim to provide excellent conservatory roofs for our customers. All tops come with a ten-year insurance-backed guarantee. Call us now to get a quote!

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