Conservatories are a great way to make the most of the sunlight in your garden, but the glass roofs might cause some unexpected issues. The most obvious issue is the difficulty in accessing the roof to clean the glass, but the most unpleasant is most likely your higher heating expenditures! With growing gasoline prices, there is a compelling incentive to consider making some modifications. 

Although it can be challenging to replace the glass on a tiled conservatory roof since the framework was not designed to sustain such heavy materials, our lightweight roof tiles can efficiently be used for this purpose, providing the ideal alternative. Here are a few reasons why you might consider renovating your conservatory.

1. Reduced glare

One of the most serious concerns connected with old transparent conservatory roofs is high glare and powerful sunbeams cutting through the glass. Intense glares can be distracting in small doses, but prolonged exposure can be quite harmful to your eyes.

Any glare is removed with a tiled conservatory roof. On even the brightest of days, you can sit back and relax, shaded from the sun.

2. Reduced Noise

It’s not just the light that can cause problems. If you’re keen on conserving energy, you probably already double-glaze your windows to reduce the noise from outside. Still, if you’ve got a conservatory with a glass roof, you also need to consider how much noise is coming in from above.

A tiled conservatory roof can provide excellent insulation against the outside world, offering peace and quiet. No more hearing your neighbour’s TV or your neighbours next door arguing!

3. Roof replacement is more cost-effective than a new conservatory

Of course, the efficiency and robustness of a tiled roof will make it less expensive in the long term. Installing a new roof is also significantly less expensive than building an entirely new glass-roofed conservatory, which may need to be replaced again in 10 years.

If your conservatory isn’t working well, consider updating your roof material to high-performance tiles before spending money on an entirely new expansion. A new roof will also take much less time to build than a whole new uPVC or aluminium structure. That means you’ll have significantly less difficulty and disruption in your home life.

4. Appealing Design

Unlike completely glass and plastic conservatory roofs, homeowners have more aesthetic options with a new tiled conservatory roof due to the many designs available. From traditional tones like Ember, Charcoal, and Walnut to more distinct colours like Pewter Grey, every tile variety may be put in a fashionable yet subtle manner for a design that is always in keeping with any established character.

5. Easy Maintenance

Because of the use of low-maintenance tiles, every tiled conservatory roof we construct is well suited to the hectic lifestyles of the majority of modern homeowners. Your roof will continue to look nice for a long time to come, withstanding even the fiercest of rains for a forecast length of 40 years.

Is Putting a Proper Roof on Your Conservatory Worth It?

If your conservatory is leaking, getting too hot, or letting the rain in, you need to think about the practicality of your roof. Do you need a complete replacement, or are the cracks and leaks minor enough to be remedied with repairs? There are considerable benefits to a total roof replacement, which our experts are more than willing to expound on.

Looking for a conservatory roof replacement? Reach out to Southside Better Roofs today! We aim to provide our clients with guardian warm conservatory roofs that don’t just meet expectations but surpass them.

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