When should you begin investing where your roof is? Many prefer swapping old glazed conservatory roofs for a robust tiled alternative. However, what are the pros and cons, and is it a sensible investment use slate conservatory roofs? Learn more about Plymouth conservatory roof. 

Why Are Conventional Conservatory Roofs Inadequate?

The roof and walls of a typical conservatory have the same appearance, translucent glazed panels, whether metal-framed or made of uPVC. These have the advantage of being reasonably priced, but they have the disadvantage of poor insulation.

Inconvenience is caused by inadequate insulation. Inadequate insulation can make a conservatory draughty and chilly in the winter and hot and stuffy in the summer. If you’re lucky, your conservatory will have a few months each year when outdoor weather is ideal for lounging inside.

What Is A Slate Conservatory Roof?

Recently, a modern replacement has become accessible. The unique materials used to build tiled conservatory roofs resemble traditional roof tiles but are substantially lighter. They provide significantly more insulation than a glass roof, keeping you toasty all year round.

Slate conservatory roofs are quick and easy to install. Because of their lightweight design, which makes them convenient to transport and perfect for any underlying structure, the old roof can be easily peeled off and replaced with the new one. The roof appears to be a conventional plastered surface from the inside, perhaps with skylights to add extra light.

Spend Cash to Accumulate Savings

Even if replacing the conservatory is substantially more expensive than installing a lightweight tiled roof, some investment is still necessary. How can you tell if it’s worthwhile, then?

The most obvious benefit of a strong slate conservatory roof in Plymouth is improved insulation. While the strongest sun will be shut out in the summer, the space will stay warmer in the colder winter. 

For both you and potential buyers, having a year-round habitable extension to your house will be quite desirable. When it comes time to sell your house, a slate conservatory roof may be to your advantage.

A more insulated space will help lower your heating expenses. When the long-term cost of heating a conservatory is considered, the cost of a strong roof appears considerably more reasonable. You can unknowingly lose money due to high energy costs from an inadequately insulated roof.

An Improvement in The Safety of You and Your Family

Have you thought about the likelihood that your conservatory poses a security risk? You may have thought about the security of the locks on your front entrance and windows. Despite being secure, it’s easy to forget to lock the conservatory door every time you leave the house. By removing fragile conservatory panels, one can easily get entry to a home or, at the very least, the contents of your conservatory.

A strong conservatory roof, which is far more robust and challenging to breach, offers better security.

Existing conservatories can also benefit from a strong conservatory roof to correct design flaws, such as a flat roof prone to leaks. Modern conservatory roofs can provide the pitch to a flat roof, forcing rain to roll off the surface rather than sink in.

Is This The Option That’s Best For You?

We feel that investing in a dependable conservatory roof is a no-brainer when you consider the benefits of getting a space that can be utilized all year round, greater home security, decreased energy bills, and higher property value.


A slate conservatory roof is a great way to expand your home’s space and natural light while increasing its market value. Although there are a few considerations, such as the sort of property you own and the local environment, the best conservatory roof replacement is often a sensible investment.

Our mission at Southside Better Roofs in Plymouth, Devon, is to deliver guardian warm conservatory roofs that go above and beyond for our clients. In Plymouth, Devon, and Cornwall, we install slate conservatory roofs. A 10-year insurance guarantee backs every conservatory roof. Get Plymouth conservatory roof today!

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