Many homeowners install a new conservatory and just go with a glass roof. There is nothing wrong with that in theory, especially since that’s what conservatories are famous for! However, many people do not realise many other types of roofs can be used in place of glass, including tiles, polycarbonate and slate. 

That said, it’s not uncommon for many conservatory owners who installed a glass roof to end up regretting the decision for varying reasons. At that point, they look for replacements for their conservatory roof. If you are currently in that position, chances are you’re going to run into a whole lot of misconceptions about solid roof conservatories.

Unfortunately, solid roof conservatory misconceptions are so prevalent that many people end up turning their back on what would have been a great decision!

Read on as we debunk common misconceptions regarding solid roof conservatories:

THE MISCONCEPTION: A solid roof is basically a more expensive version of roof blinds

THE FACTS: Comparisons with glass roof conservatories and solid roof conservatories to roof blinds have been compared by many for so long. At the end of the day, there’s one similarity: both of them lessen brightness considerably. 

The good news is, the glare can be handled just fine. However, blinds won’t be able to handle issues that involve condensation and/or temperature control.

THE MISCONCEPTION: Heating and cooling the space becomes quite expensive.

THE FACTS: A lot of homeowners decide to swap from a glass roof conservatory to a solid roof conservatory in order to reduce heating and cooling bills while maintaining the same overall look and feel. More often than not, homeowners find that they save money on their energy bills when they make this switch. 

THE MISCONCEPTION: Natural light in the conservatory will be limited.

THE FACTS: One of the biggest worries people have about getting a solid roof conservatory is that they won’t get much natural light. However, with the right placement and some reflective surface paint in certain parts of the conservatory, you may lose a maximum of 5 percent. 

THE MISCONCEPTION: Solid roofs are too heavy.

THE FACTS: This is a little misleading, but modern technology has enabled great solutions to this issue—especially with our patented Guardian Roof System. Working with established professionals also decreases the chances of structural issues down the line. 

THE MISCONCEPTION: Solid roof conservatory swapping is illegal.

THE FACTS: It’s not against the law to build a conservatory with a solid roof, and generally, you won’t even need to seek planning permission. An experienced company can easily build or replace your solid roof conservatory while adhering to building regulations. Decent roofing companies will also never risk their reputations and licenses by skirting the law. 


Solid roof conservatories have plenty of misconceptions surrounding them. In truth, they are a worthwhile investment, especially for people who initially had glass roofs. Common misconceptions include solid roofs being too heavy (not when professionals are involved) and natural light lessening in the conservatory (not really).

Looking for a conservatory roof replacement? Reach out to Southside Better Roofs today! We aim to provide our clients with guardian warm conservatory roofs that don’t just meet expectations but surpass them.

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