Lean to Conservatory Roofs

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Lean To Conservatory Roofs

A perfect choice for modern properties, a lean-to conservatory roof can be known by several names including Mediterranean conservatories, garden rooms or sun rooms. This type of conservatory is known for its ability to trap the sunlight that can then be converted into heat, making the space a cozy and warm place to spend time in the colder months of the year.

If your property has limited space, this type of conservatory is especially suitable. It is simple and easily customizable, adding a handy additional room to bungalows, houses or other properties. It’s a particularly good option for bungalows that have little space beneath the eaves. Also, due to its minimalist style, it works particularly well when installed at contemporary new build homes. Typically rectangular or square in shape, a lean-to conservatory uses one of the property’s own walls for a true extension-like feel.

A lean-to conservatory roof is able to be positioned at various angles to suit the style of the property. Using materials sourced from trusted local suppliers, we can install a solid roof that will stand the test of time while also keeping your room comfortable and cozy, whatever the season thanks to our simple and easy roof installation service.

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