Roofing is a must for any home because it protects the overhead from the elements. There are many kinds of roofing available for any home, but a popular choice among homeowners is the Victorian Conservatory.

A Victorian Conservatory is an excellent alternative to skylights and other traditional attic windows. They are popular because they add an extra room that can be used for relaxation and entertainment. However, there’s more to Victorian Conservatories than that. We’ll discuss more of these details in this article, so read on below to get started.

More about Victorian Conservatories

As the name suggests, Victorian Conservatories were first built during the Victorian Era. These resulted from a need to create more room in the house. A Victorian Conservatory is made up of glass panes, which provide enough space to use the area as a room. You can use this as a place to relax and hang out, or you can build a mini-garden. Victorian Conservatories are very popular in homes with an attic space—the perfect spot for these additions.

Standard Features of Victorian Conservatories

You can find Victorian Conservatories with various styles. Some conservatories have a flat roof, while others have a barrel roof. Panels have a flat or bow shape, which is another detail that you can modify for your Victorian Conservatory.

They can be designed with typical window glass, but many also go for leaded glass. This can create a wonderful atmosphere inside, but it will depend on your tastes and preferences. Your Victorian Conservatory can also have wood details, which will give it a more classic look. Some may prefer a more modern look, instead. You can even get Victorian Conservatories with fluted glass or a domed roof.

Victorian Conservatories can be installed in any part of the house, but the attic’s most common spot. This is where most used to get more space, but now, this is the best spot for the Victorian Conservatory. If you’re building a new home, you should ensure that there’s a place to put it.

Benefits of Victorian Conservatories

There are many benefits to adding a Victorian Conservatory to your home, such as:

Adds More Space to Your Home

A Victorian Conservatory can be designed to fit into any home. It doesn’t take up much space, so you can add it easily to any part of the house. You can place one at the top of a staircase, for instance, which will make it feel more spacious.

Fully Customisable

Because Victorian Conservatories are made from glass, you can customise them to your liking. For example, you can add fancy details, which will make it look like part of the house.

Great for Entertainment

Many people use their Victorian Conservatory as a room to entertain friends. You can spend time here, as well as hang out or eat. You can also use it to house plants, making it feel more like a garden.

You Can Transform It into a Greenhouse

If you decide to go with a Victorian Conservatory, you can add some plants. You can grow them or add decorative plants, which will make the room feel more like a garden.

Adds Value

A Victorian Conservatory will add value to your home because it’s a popular addition. It’s an investment, in a way, because you’ll be able to sell the house at a higher price if you’re planning to in the future.

Roofing Options


You can install glass on your Victorian Conservatory’s roof, and it’ll provide shade. It will also allow you to see the sky and other things outside. If you prefer a conservatory with a flat roof, you should choose a glass roof.


This is the most popular choice among home owners and is what we recommend. A solid roof is also a popular choice because a solid roof is more durable and doesn’t break easily. It will also last for a long time, so it’s an excellent choice for those who want a long-lasting feature.


This is an excellent option for those who want to add more space to the conservatory. It’s a flexible material that’s easy to install, so this is a perfect choice for any project.


A Victorian Conservatory is an excellent addition to any home because it’s a classic and unique feature. You can choose a Victorian Conservatory that fits your preferences, which will allow you to add a room to your home that has a classic and high-quality look.

If you’re looking for a conservatory roof upgrade, Southside Better Roofs can give you what you need! Our team of experienced installation professionals can make your conservatory stylish and functional, all for affordable prices. Contact us today to learn more!

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