Conservatory roofs are amazing, but they’re not beyond becoming outdated like other roofing systems. A new conservatory roof that’s tiled and insulated will do much more than improve home aesthetics. It can help to drastically cut down winter heating bills, reduce condensation and damp, and lead the environment to be warmer.

Is It Time For An Outdated Conservatory Roof To Be Replaced?

It can be difficult to figure out when a roof needs to get refurbished. However, homeowners are becoming more prone to getting an upgraded roof all the way to solid, warm conservatory roofing. All of that said, it’s necessary to stay aware of what signs should be looked out for in order to tell whether it’s time for roof replacement.

Here are some of the tell-tale signs that it’s time to get a conservatory roof replaced:

1. Condensation Build-Up

The roof’s performance likely has problems if there’s excessive condensation build-up. It’s either a problem with the uPVC or glass’ sealant.

It’s important for clean air to flow through the property, which can be achieved through a dehumidifier or simply keeping the windows open. While it’s a rather quick fix, it won’t always be enough. Persistent condensation issues can lead to damp and mould growth. Furniture will likely end up damaged, also leading to health hazards. That’s a clear sign of the roof needing full-on replacement.

2. Draughts

If there are draughts that are not from the windows and doors, that’s a clear sign there are insulation problems. Chances are the roof is cracked somewhere, which lets cold air go through freely. More draughts than usual are probably from sealant fitting issues or the conservatory’s age as a whole.

Getting a warm roof will eliminate the issue of draughts easily, leading for heat to be better contained.

3. Exterior Damage

Any damage or cracks that are visible on a conservatory roof accompanied by scum and algae build-up is obvious. The insulation and structure of the conservatory are probably damaged. If that’s the case, it needs to get dealt with sooner rather than later. Otherwise, more problems could end up materialising. 

A great way for a conservatory’s lifespan to be prolonged is through getting a solid warm roof replacement.

4. Recurring Leaks

Water damage or the possibility of leaks should bring on a roof inspection quickly. It’s important to figure out where the leak is in the first place. If it’s not the conservatory frame and actually the roof, it means damage built up over time from leaking vents, sealant problems and more.

5. Temperature That Isn’t Balanced

If there are temperature fluctuations in the extreme that lead to people completely avoiding the conservatory, chances are a replacement is in order. A tiled warm roof is a great way to solve insulation issues. That will allow for a conservatory to go from the most-avoided to the most-enjoyed area every day.


Conservatory roofs are great for a number of reasons. However, they are still prone to being outdated and needing refurbishment over time. Signs that it’s time to get replaced include recurring leaks, exterior damage and draughts.

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