With natural light, a place to unwind and enjoy the outdoors, and a blissful transition to the garden, a conservatory may be a lovely, useful, and beneficial addition to your house. If this is the case, it might be time to think about getting a new conservatory roof. There are many different materials to take into account, in addition to budget, style, and maintenance.

You should think about conservatory roof insulation whether you already have a conservatory, are merely searching for a replacement conservatory roof or are considering building this magnificent addition.

Almost all issues with conservatories are caused by a lack of insulation. Nothing beats having an insulated conservatory, even though there are many conservatory heating alternatives and you can always pick the best conservatory heaters.

Variable temperatures that can harm the relaxing space are the main reason you’ll want to insulate the conservatory roof. They could get excessively hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Insulation helps control the temperature and provides a comfortable environment all year long.  Without insulation in the conservatory roof, you may also experience glare, mould growth, and changes in the colour of your furniture over time.

Tiled Roofing

The best alternative for installing a conservatory roof is a tile roof. If you already have a conservatory, you may need to have the roof replaced because tiling calls for particular support structures. The roof of the conservatory typically needs to be replaced with a structure on which the roofing tiles are then fastened. The conservatory will appear more like an addition with this type of conservatory roof insulation, which is frequently seen as one of the more aesthetically pleasing solutions.

Insulated panels

Insulated roof panels are one of the better options for conservatory insulation. Because they were designed expressly to insulate conservatory roofs, they are effective. They are not only effective but also effective and efficient. The materials used to make your insulated panels may vary depending on where you purchase them. Aluminium panels with insulation are the most common. Typically, weather-resistant materials are used in aluminium panels to prevent damage too soon after installation on your existing conservatory roof.

Thicker Poly Carbonate

To improve the conservatory roof’s insulation, it is occasionally possible to swap out the polycarbonate panels for thicker polycarbonate ones. To accommodate the thicker polycarbonate panels, the existing roof structure must be slightly modified by deepening the supporting struts; however, this may not be possible with all conservatories, so homeowners should check this before considering this option for conservatory roof insulation.

The U-Value of polycarbonate panels ranges from 3.8 to 1.4, depending on the thickness of the panels. Although it’s possible that the polycarbonate panels can’t be fitted into the original frame, which means that the conservatory roof needs to be replaced, the thicker the panel, the better the insulation offered.


For a number of reasons, insulating your conservatory roof is a great idea. It helps maintain a consistent temperature throughout the conservatory, prevents excessive heat or cold during extreme weather conditions, and increases the conservatory’s energy efficiency.

A conservatory that makes you want to spend time inside requires careful consideration of the roof insulation material. You have a variety of materials to pick from, and each one has advantages and disadvantages. We believe that having a tiled replacement conservatory roof in Plymouth is the best choice

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