Southside Better Roofs was founded by Simon Daniel in 2018 using his 30 years experience in the conservatory and building industry.

Our small team have over 6 decades of experience in conservatories and the building industry between them which ensures they deliver outstanding conservatory roofs.

Southside Better Roofs are fully  vetted, accredited and approved Team Guardian Warm Roof installers.

Southside Sales LTD 11303506 and VAT registered (GB 379542454)

Yes, we provide a 10-year insurance backed guarantee which is handed over on completion of every new conservatory roofs.

There are plenty of roofing solutions out there, including cosy roof, leka and supalite. The Guardian Warm Roof solution offers patented technology like no other solution and provides the strongest offering in terms of materials and insulation.

Conservatory roof costs will vary significantly depending on the type, size and the complexity of the roof required. These are all factors that are considered when a roof survey is completed. Conservatory roof costs start at around £5,000. Whether you are looking for a new or replacement roof the costs are going to be the same. The cost of the roof will be informed by the materials required including frame, tiles, insulation, windows, labor, as well as other considerations.

There are many reasons why you may wish to replace your conservatory roofs. You may want to replace a leaky roofs and a solid conservatory roof will offer you the best value long-term solution. You may wish to change the roof so the conservatory is a space you can enjoy working or relaxing in. There are many reasons why you would replace your conservatory roof.

You do not need to gain planning permission to change your conservatory roofs.

We highly recommend building regulations be put in place to support the roof. This is particularly important if you were to sell the property in the future. House surveys would want to see building regulations in place for any major works carried out. It will cost around five times the amount to get building regulations in place further down the line, so it’s important these are done prior to the work being carried out.

It’s very difficult to say whether a solid conservatory roofs adds any value to a house in terms of equity value. A solid conservatory roof makes the conservatory feel like a fundamental part of the house and a more attractive proposition. A solid roof also makes a conservatory more usable and more flexible, which is also very attractive to potential buyers. You will also save money through the reduced heating costs due to the insulation of the solid roof.

The Guardian Warm Roof solution offers a patented technology which ensures that any conservatory roof can be fitted with a tiled roof. Regardless of the size or type of conservatory our Guardian Warm Roof technology will offer a solution.

We genuinely believe that a Guardian roofs will last in line with the property’s lifespan. The materials are of high quality and designed to last the test of time. The first 10 years of the Guardian Warm Roof’s life span is covered by the 10-year insurance-backed guarantee.

Having a Guardian Warm Roofs added to your conservatory will make your conservatory warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Due to its multi-layered patented technology, best in industry insulation, it will achieve an amazing thermal U-Value of 0.18W/m2K, saving you money on your energy bills

There are three main options for conservatory roofs

1) Glass conservatory roof
2) Polycarbonate conservatory roof
3) Solid conservatory roof.
A solid roof offers the best soundproofing and insulation properties of all three of the options. If you take costs of repairs, replacement and energy costs into account a solid roof offers the best value over the longer term.