Since transferring to a new house is so expensive, homeowners who need extra room frequently prefer to expand rather than relocate. The original orangeries were built in the 17th century by wealthy aristocrats to allow citrus fruits to be grown in the cool climates of Northern Europe: today, an orangery is a stylish structure with a brick built base, a solid roof with a lantern that allows natural light to flood in, and a lantern that allows natural light to flood in. Adding an orangery to your home is a popular option to expand your living area. It’s also an excellent investment for your home, as follows:

1. An Orangery Increases the Value of your Property

Adding a high-quality orangery to your property not only provides you with the additional living space you want but it may also raise the value of your home. A well-designed orangery improves the visual appeal of your home, giving it the wow factor and instantly making it more appealing to prospective buyers – and if you don’t plan to sell but are improving your forever home, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of your orangery whenever you want, all year long.

2. An Orangery closes the gap between Home and Garden 

The use of high-quality orangery frames has become more common, giving an impressive and seamless finish to the whole project. 

An orangery can create a bright and welcoming space that brings the outside in – they can open up your home and garden, creating a warm and inviting area that can safely be enjoyed all year round, with a distinct separation between the actual building and the kitchen and living space.

3. An Orangery is a Warm and Inviting Space

The addition of a cosy seating area, dining table, and a fully equipped kitchen (such as a range of cupboards, worktops, appliances, a sink) can give you more than just extra space – it can create a bright and appealing living space, which can be enjoyed all year round. 

The addition of lights, shelving, and other accessories can also add to the free-flowing and homely feel of your orangery.

4. An Orangery Gives You More Living Space

An orangery is a clever and cost-effective way of expanding your living space and creating precisely the type of living space that you need. Suppose you only need extra space for the occasional dinner party. In that case, an orangery can comfortably accommodate you and your guests, with the option of opening up the space to make it an extra ample dining space.

If you need extra space for everyday living, an orangery has all the room you need for your family. By making use of cupboards, shelves, and carpets, you can add to the feeling of spaciousness.

5. An Orangery Doesn’t Usually Require Planning Permission

Unlike traditional expansions, most orangeries are designated as “permitted development,” which means you won’t have to go through the effort of asking for planning approval and avoid any installation delays. To comply with the allowed development status, the orangery must be larger than 50% of the home’s total area. Other things to think about are:

  • The orangery must be less than 4m tall, and the eaves must be less than 3m tall if they are within 2m of a structure boundary.
  • There should be no balconies, decks, or verandas.


There is nothing quite like relaxing in your own private orangery, with the sun beaming down, the wind gently blowing in, and the bees and birds flying freely outside. Orangeries are versatile and can be tailored to your needs. Whether you need a quiet space to read a book, a cosy area to chill with friends, or a well-equipped kitchen – an orangery can give you the extra living space you need.

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