Edwardian Conservatory Roof

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Edwardian Conservatory Roof

Edwardian conservatories never go out of style thanks to their large windows and symmetrical, clean lines. Classically elegant and effortlessly stylish, they are a very popular type of conservatory amongst all types of homeowner.

Although this style of conservatory is quite traditional, in fact it looks equally beautiful on either a period property or a contemporary new build thanks to its timeless sophistication. The symmetrical design and clean lines only serve to enhance a modern home, while there are plenty of ways to add decorative flourishes if your conservatory is added to an older home, such as finials and crestings.

Typically rectangular or square in shape, these conservatories are convenient for positioning your furniture, without any awkward angles or unusual corners to contend with. They also maximise your available floor space effectively due to their regular shape.

Traditionally, an Edwardian conservatory roof would be made from sloping glass. However, our experienced and adaptable team of highly recommended, guaranteed and assured installers can install an energy-efficient, modern Guardian Warm Roof instead so your extra living space can enjoy maximum versatility and comfort. This solid roof is a far more practical and hard-wearing choice than glass and it also ensures a comfortable temperature inside your space all year round.