The question of converting a conservatory roof into a modern, tiled design is one that has huge potential in improving the quality of life of the homeowner. That might sound like a lot to ask for with a simple conversion but the modern design takes care of a lot of the problems of the past, problems you might have not even noticed you had. 

So what kind of benefits are we looking at? There are more than a couple and they range from economical benefits to aesthetics. Let’s break them down and see how they can apply in your situation. 

Insulation Efficiency 

One thing that’s a guarantee with more modern tile designs is the fact that manufacturers have learned from their past mistakes. This means that these current designs have those issues resolved, making them very efficient at keeping insulating your home from the outside temperatures.

Minimal Upkeep

What any homeowner would want to avoid is renovating their home only to find out that the new additions require way too much work. Luckily, things don’t have to be that way with modern tiles, especially those designed to be low-maintenance.  Modern tile designs have the homeowner in mind and, because of that, are tailored to require as little maintenance as possible. That means that they will maintain their integrity even through adverse weather—bad storms and terrible summers, alike. 

Aesthetic Value

The aesthetic value will surely factor in when you talk about renovating your home. Your conservatory, after all, is no small portion of your property and you’ll want to be sure that the outcome is something you can be proud of.  It’s hard to deny that tile roofing, when done right, can look extremely tasteful. Converting your conservatory’s roof can help improve your property’s value as well, given that you’ve made efforts to develop the building for the long-term.  

Economical Value

Remember how we talked about how modern tiles insulate better? One thing that benefits from that directly is your energy bill. With less work for your air conditioner or space heater to do, the less energy you will need to keep things running.  You might not notice this immediately but over time you’ll start noticing how much you’re able to save with such a simple renovation. It’ll start with a slightly smaller utility bill, eventually coming to a point that you couldn’t imagine paying the same bills that you had to in the past. 


The first thing you might worry about when thinking about converting your conservatory roof is probably the expense. After all, who would enjoy spending on something whose value seems only surface level? With all the previous points we had, the benefits of converting your roof into tiles far outweigh the costs—costs that are only as expensive as they have to be. This is why converting your roof into tiles is an investment of sorts, one that provides long-term practical and aesthetic value at the same time. 


At the end of the day, renovating our homes should help us benefit in some way. Converting your roof to tiles does this but in multiple aspects, allowing us to save money while also making our homes look more pleasing to the eye. With all that, it’s easy to see why they’ve become a popular choice. 

If you need help changing your conservatory roof, contact Southside Better Roofs. Our aim is simple, to provide guardian warm conservatory roofs that exceed the expectations of our customers. We install conservatory roofs across Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall. All conservatory roofs come with a ten-year insurance backed guarantee.

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