Most British homes have had conservatories for decades, but they are seldom updated. When it comes to protecting your property, replacing the roof of your conservatory is a crucial step to maintaining your home. 

You should consider your possibilities before settling on a company to do the job. Aside from the obvious questions of cost and timeliness, what else has to be considered?

Before investing in a new conservatory roof, here are five essential tips to consider:

1. The Use of the Conservatory

If you have a conservatory, you may utilise it for several things. Some common uses include eating fresh vegetables from your garden or just winding down at the end of the day with your family. 

An attractive and big conservatory may be preferable if you often host parties. A conservatory cover may also be an option for you.

2. Consider Who Will Be Using the Conservatory

A conservatory is a great place to experiment with colour, texture, and pattern to dress up your house. Conservatories are frequently sized according to your room in your home or yard. 

A greenhouse may be an option for you with a large yard but a tiny area. In addition, you need to think about who will be utilising the conservatory and how it blends with your home’s design.

3. The Colour You Want for Your Roof 

Colour is usually one of the most vital factors when designing a conservatory. When you decide on a colour, you will want to consider two main things. The first is how it will affect the overall design of your conservatory, and the second is how much work you want to put into picking something that is right for you.

There’s a wide variety of hues to choose from when it comes to your roof. You can go for neutral colours that go with any interior and exterior design of your house. You can also choose a bold statement that makes your home stand out and more appealing. Either way, your choice should enhance the look and feel of your home.

You may want to research different roofing materials available in the United Kingdom. The colour you want may need to be imported, which can affect your cost.

4. The Durability of the Roof

This is not only going to affect the price, but it will also affect how long it will take to replace the roof. If you want to replace the roof quickly, you may be able to spend a little more money and get it done faster.

If your project’s budget is constrained, it can get delayed, or you may complete it in phases. So it is crucial to get a roofing company that can work well within these constraints without sacrificing the quality of your roofing. 

It’s better to count the cost first, research, and plan well so when you start replacing your conservatory roof, it will be done efficiently and economically. 

5. The Cost of the Conservatory Roof Replacement

The cost of your conservatory roof replacement depends on several factors. The first is the size of your conservatory and the area you need to cover. The second is the type of roof you want.

As a rule, you should compare the cost with the size of your conservatory. A conservatory is usually custom-built for the homeowner. It is not like a house. If a homeowner wants a house built on the land, the owner can buy a house from a builder and choose a pre-built design.

A conservatory, meanwhile, is usually built first and then designed. In addition, replacement costs are not always associated with its measurements. The quality and source of materials can also greatly affect the price. 


You will have many options for your conservatory when it comes to conservatory roofs. The best choice depends on both your design goals and what you need from the space.

If you’re searching for a quick replacement, you will have to spend a little bit more money to get the job done. However, if you can wait a little bit, you may be able to do it yourself or find a cheaper option.

Southside Better Roofs will assist you if you want to replace your conservatory roof in Plymouth, Devon. We aim to fulfill our clients’ expectations by providing protected, warm conservatory roofing with 10-year insurance. Contact us right away.

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